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The following blog entry was captured as an unsolicited, spam email message. It fits the pattern of a common scam in which the person or program sending the message attempts to either get the reader engaged in a dialogue which will eventually result in an attempt to get money from the recipient or possibly to click on a link that will lead you down an ugly path.

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In my blog you'll find a variety of technical topics that I've encountered over time as well as various issues that we encounter as we experience the internet. Spam in the form of comment spam and common email spam which we relentlessly fight is an issue that earns its own blog category. Scams is another topic that we need to be vigilent of which has a category to itself. If you see it here in a foreign language now you know why.


Scam response to craigslist ad from:

The ad was for shared housing

Scam Artist Response:

To: undisclosed-recipients

Message body:

I saw your post in I'm interested in the place you have for rent, presently I reside in London,UK and would be relocating to USA soon. I know I'll need to secure the rental prior to my arrival to show seriousness on my part.

Please get back to me via email if it's still available and you consider me for the rental. In my next email I'd tell you more about myself and plans. Here is my apartment's land line number +44 702-404-7156, if am not around my roommate Jim would be.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kate Colesman.


This Jim guy seems to really get around. I’d imagine that if I responded that dear sweet Kate would next send me a templated bio page noting that she is 26 to 27 years old; she may even attach a portrait. If this comes to that and we get serious she may have to consult her “uncle” regarding money matters. The scammer is relying upon the fact that one is sucker every day and with a world population of 6 billion plus there ought to be a few trusting souls left in the world.

Message was addressed to: Undisclosed recipients. Oh my gosh I wonder how many make up that list?

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