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OSE Fileman Component – A File Manager for Joomla

OSE Fileman (Joomla 1.5)

There are a number of file manager and image/media upload components for Joomla. Media manager is the core Joomla component to handle this function. The general problem with Media manager is that it is a bit awkward and cumbersome to use. When I happened to discover OSE Fileman I found it to have a really simple interface, easy to navigate and with good performance. The only problem found is that the submit/upload buttons at the bottom of the page come up invisible with several of my websites, perhaps due to the template stylesheet, other. Read my simple workaround at the bottom of this post.


Download the component from OSE File Manager and install in the usual Joomla way.

Basic usage

  1. To access it, log in as usual to your website administrator console.
  2. Click Site –>Control Panel to get to the main view
  3. From the main site control panel, select Components –> OSE Fileman  “or” from the Component Listing Menu select “OSE Fileman”.
  4. The main view will display toplevel folders. Select the folder you wish to work, probably “images”
  5. Within images you will see a combination of folders and images. It’s my choice to keep images for different needs in different folders; if the specific folder doesn’t already exist you can  easily create it by changing the dropdown menu to “Directory”, enter the new name, and select”Create”. Otherwise, navigate into the folder by selecting it from the list.
  6. To upload an image (or regular file), click on the 9th icon, the upload icon.
  7. Browse to the file you want to upload and select it
  8. Now the only funny business.  When they developed the form they messed on the styling for the Submit or Upload button. I had to guess where it was. I found it and added a simple red box to surround it (read how at the bottom of the post).  This is the one on the left side underneath “Overwrite existing file(s)?” .  Select that invisible-ish button and it should work.
  9. Last thing,  you can rename a file that has been uploaded.  In the far right column is an Actions header.  Locate the action called rename and follow the prompts to rename the file.

Submit button styling workaround

Edit the file: ~/www/administrator/components/com_osefileman/style/style.css and add the following CSS:

.button {
background: #000; {
color: #fff; {
width: 100px; {
display: block; {
border: 1px solid #ff0000;

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